About Us

Thermodyne was founded in 1988 to provide engineered solutions to water treatment challenges in steam generating, drinking water, and wastewater treatment facilities.


Our references will attest to our services, having brought them into compliance with water and wastewater quality regulations, saving over $1M per client in energy, operational, or capital costs avoidance, and receiving technical assistance not available elsewhere for any price.


Operations, Maintenance, Water, Energy, and Chemical Management

We provide a Chemical Engineer with at least 20 years’ experience in utilities consulting to be available 24/7 for our clients.

Capital Improvements Planning and Design

Our project experience includes design and build of:

  • WA, SA, SB, and WB ion exchange and RO systems
  • Processes for reduction of TOC, Geosmin/MIB, and heavy metals, and super-sac handlers/dry feeders, and water quality monitoring systems
  • We provide bench and pilot studies to qualify, optimize and provide design data for proposed processes

Water and Wastewater Technical Services

  • New source water qualification
  • Preparation of solid waste permits
  • Well remediation
  • MB monitoring
  • Tracer studies
  • Empirical baffle factor determinations
  • Filter evaluations
  • Chemical treatment type, dose, and feed point recommendations for control of algae, manganese, TOC, corrosion, coagulation, disinfection, and sludge dewatering
  • Laboratory testing and treatment control SOPs
  • Intake level selection for new construction and seasonal operation
  • Water main failure analysis

Steam Generation Technical Services

  • Establish and administer demineralization, RO, and deaeration equipment operation and maintenance procedures
  • Specify internal treatment type, dose, and control procedures
  • Maintain mass balance records on feed water constituents to ensure maximum heat transfer
  • Maximize condensate return and quality
  • Recommend and implement capital improvements for extended boiler life and energy savings

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